Rolf Locher
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I was born in Zürich on 10th March 1954 and I grew up in Wettingen. I spent several years living in the suburbs of Zürich and in 1997 returned to Wettingen where I now live with my wife and son.

During a trip to London in 1976 I saw my first live English football match, the tie was Arsenal v Everton. One year later, I spent six months in England improving my English. Almost every weekend, I travelled to London to see a football game and I also happened to see a match at Craven Cottage when George Best was playing for Fulham.

Since then I have visited about 150 live games in England, from Middlesborough to Newcastle, most of the time in the company of our football legend, "Blackbird".

In addition to football, I like travelling, sport in general and the fish in my aquarium.

Address: Neufeldstrasse 22, 5430 Wettingen, Tel.: ++41 56 426 37 51

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