About Us

On the 21st October 1991 with the guidance and the support of Manchester United Football Club, we were encouraged to form, the Manchester United Supporters Club Swiss Branch, "The Swiss Devils". As official affiliated members of the Manchester United Supporters Club, we have the possibility to participate in all activities and profit from all the advantages that the Supporters Club offers.

We are an independent organisation and represent the supporters of Manchester United Football Club in the heart of Europe. We are the only official representatives of "The Greatest Football Club in the World" in Switzerland.

The objective of this website is to provide some insight into the special character of our club. This website does not serve as a platform to present Manchester United football facts and figures. Our goal is to offer interested parties the chance to see the bright and sometimes funny side of football, the way the Swiss Devils tend to see it.

What we aim to achieve

We wish to bring together, in a Swiss fan club as many Manchester United fans as possible to meet from time to time with likeminded people and exchange our knowledge and experiences of Manchester United, the Swiss Devils and English football in general.

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